Gulf Western premium grade synthetic fortified outboard motor oil
Outboard TCW-3 is a high performance 2 stroke motor oil
It is approved for all levels of performance
Outboard TCW-3 is suitable for air or water cooled engine
It is recommanded for both oil injected and pre mixed systems
Designed for all  2-Stroke outboard motors requiring API TCW-2 or TCW-3
Ashless formulation for superior piston, port and spark plug cleanliness
Self mixing with lead and unleaded petrol
Formulated with high quality additives and using synthetic and conventional mineral oils to give excellent protection against engine wear
Gel resistant formulation reduces the likelihood of oil filter blockage and subsequent engine dammage
Packaged with a practical retractable pouring tube
Dyed blue for easy identification

Grade: BIA
Class: TCW-3

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