SL CF4  5L

Premium Gold is a versatile engine oil for petrol, LPG and light diesel engines requiring API SL/CF4 performance or lower including modern motor cars manufactured 2006 of earlier. It is ideally suited to late model vehicles calling for a 15w40 viscosity grade and provides excellent low temperature viscometrics.

Premium Gold offers:
Premium Gold 15W40 fully meets the API SL/CF4 performance requirements, offering cost efficient rationalisation for some mixed fleets.
Premium Gold 15W40 offers good soot control, reducing oil thickening and sludge deposits.
The 15W40 viscosity provides wear protection at low ambient temperatures combining easy low temperature engine startup and fast oil circulation to critical engine components, together with the high temperature protection provided by an SAE 40 Viscosity.
Can be used in both turbo and naturally aspirated engines.
Suitable for multi valve engines.
Suitable for LPG vehicles.
Suitable for lightly load diesel engines.

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