Gulf Western   Automatic Transmission Fluid
ATF   DEX III  is a mineral transmission fluid approved for a wide range of automatic and hydraulic transmissions
May be used for service fill or top up where Dexron® II, Dexron® III and Mercon® fluids are specified.
Provides excellent protection of mobile hydraulic pumps such as those of Denison, Sperry Vickers and Sundstrand.
Packaged with a practical retractable pouring tube

Viscosity:  SAE 10W
Grade:  DEX III

ATF   DEX III benefits:
Cost effective option to Dexron® III products.
Greatly improved low temperature properties for smooth cold shifts.
Excellent shear stability for long fluid and component life.
Unsurpassed retention of frictional coefficient, for consistently smooth gear changes.

Manufacturer:  Gulf Western  Australian owned and made
The tough Australian

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