Gulf Western  gear boxes and differentials oil – 80W-90
Gear lube 80W90 is a Heavy Duty multigrade gear oil with specific anti friction additives
Gulf Western Gear Lube may be used in a wide variety of manual transmissions and vehicle axles.
Gear Lube 80W90 protects all types of gears including helical, spiral bevel and hypoid to minimise scuffing, welding or galling tooth wear in severe load applications.
Packaged with a practical retractable pouring tube

Grade:  API GL4 / GL5 EPII
Class: 80w/90

Manufacturer:  Gulf Western  Australian owned and made
The tough Australian

Gear Lube 80w/90 benefitss:
 Excellent resistance to foaming and corrosion.
Extreme pressure additives impart high load carrying capacity
Multigrade characteristics enable maintenance of wear protection over a wide range of operating temperatures and reduces drag at start up. The need for seasonal oil changes is eliminated. – 

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