Gulf Western Semi Synthetic premium motor oil
SYN-X 3000 is suitable for petrol & LPG powered engine
It is also suitable for light Diesel Engine manufactured from 1980 onward
Advanced formulation designed for high performance and multi-valve engines including turbo-charged
SYN-X 3000 provides superior protection against cold start and regular wear helping to maximise engine life
Packaged with a practical retractable pouring tube

Grade: API SN/CF
Class: SAE 10w-40

Manufacturer:  Gulf Western   Australian owned and made
The tough Australian

SYN-X benefits:
Excellent flow and pumpability on cold start.
Meeting the latest global API technology.
Semi synthetic providing fuel saving capability.
Semi synthetic providing reduced oxidation and viscosity breakdown.
Superior sludge and varnish control for a cleaner engine.
Reduced oil consumption due to improved volatility control.
Greatly reduced engine wear giving extended engine life.
High shear strength.

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